Responsible Banking


The Board Finance & General Purpose Committee has the overall responsibility for setting the Bank’s sustainable business priorities in relation to social, environmental and ethical matters. It also ensures (through the Board Risk Management Committee) an effective risk management and implementation of the Environmental and Social Risk Management policy into the Bank’s business decisions.

The Environmental and Risk Assessment portal has been fully implemented and continuously updated and enhanced to screen qualifying transactions for environmental and social risk towards efficient business decision making. The portal is guided by various internal standards and collaborations like UNEPFI, IFC, ILO, Equator principles etc.


Polaris Bank takes pride in ensuring the well-being and effective development of its employees. Through established procedures and processes the Bank painstakingly ensure the recruitment of the best, while putting in all necessary measures to retain its staff. Polaris Bank is also committed to providing a world class and conducive environment for optimal comfort, ambience and performance as its employees are an extension of the institution hence their welfare is topmost priority, while their career and personal development is pivotal to the institution.

Thought 2016, the Bank continued to focus on acculturation and capacity building while using a robust communication plan to improve the confidence of the employees. Whether you are part of one of our business teams, technology or operations or specialist functions, you will have a range of programs designed to build your unique strengths and continually drive your professional development and growth through our e-learning portal.

Gender Diversity and Inclusion

The Bank has a highly diversified workforce that does not discriminate in any form. In line with best practice, we offer equal fair remuneration and capacity development opportunity for all regardless of gender, ethnicity, ideology or creed. We provide a level playing ground for all employees to thrive in a great atmosphere.

The Bank also ensures it aligns with best practices concerning gender equality and opportunity. Currently the gender mix of the bank is 60% male and 40% female while Executive Management gender mix is 83% male and 17% female. The Ethnic diversity mix is also above average.

Health & Safety

The achievement of a healthy and safe place of work and the elimination to the barest minimum, possible hazards to health and safety are the responsibility of everyone in the Bank’s employment.

The Health, Safety and Environmental framework (HSE) is designed to provide the right working environment for employees to perform at their full potential by creating an environment where the safety of employees and the public is given priority in our processes and operations. This framework aligns physical health, mental and emotional frame of mind with the work environment and conditions in terms of safety and security along with considerations for the overall protection and well-being of everybody including employees, customers and all other stakeholders on any Polaris Bank premise.

Polaris Bank remains ISO 22301 certified and operates within the protocols: A Business Continuity Management certification which ensures the timely resumption of business operations in the event of an incident occurring and the protection of personnel and the organization.

Human Rights

Human rights are basic entitlements that belong to every one of us, regardless of our background, where we live, what we look like, what we think or what we believe.

Polaris Bank’s supports the rights of the individual as expressed in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) as well as the International Labour Organizations (ILO) standards regarding child and forced labor, the rights at organize and bargain collectively, freedom of association, enhance social protection and strengthen dialogue on work-related issues.


The Bank acknowledges the importance of collaboration both local and globally in promoting environmentally and socially responsible economic development, while ensuring that our actions and decisions do not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

To which end, Polaris Bank  is a member to some of the leading global organisation in sustainability, which include the United Nations Environment Programme and financial Institutions (UNEP FI), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI).Polaris Bank is also member to the GRI G4 Pioneer Group being only Nigerian bank represented in the Group.

Code of Ethics

Polaris Bank’s integrity is vital to the organization’s success.  Each employee is responsible for conducting the Bank’s business in a manner that demonstrates commitment to the highest standard of integrity. The Bank has an existing Employee Code of Conduct which focuses on areas of ethical risk, provide guidance to help employees recognize and deal with ethical issues, provide mechanisms for employees to report unethical conduct and foster among employees a culture of honesty and accountability.

This Code is attested at the beginning of every year by every employee.