Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to being a responsible organization and making a positive contribution to the society and the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility helps us inspire trust in our brand, develop strong relationships with our stakeholders, and create long-term value for the society and our business. Like everything else we do, CSR at Polaris Bank is founded on ethical business practices and effective governance. We strive to work with suppliers and stakeholders to operate responsibly; create an engaging workplace for our employees; and develop products and support initiatives that have positive social, environmental, and business impacts.

Our focus on creating value for society, the environment, and our business is reflected in the breadth of our commitments ranging from education, which the Bank recognizes as one of the most significant indicators of social progress, health & safety which is assumed to be the foundation for a functional society to cultural & civic projects.

Our footprint in the health & safety sector includes the provision of facilities to aid the fight against deadly diseases particularly cancer. We have been committed over a decade to this cause through our partnership with C.O.P.E Foundation –a breast cancer awareness network. A healthy community is said to be a wealthy community. We believe that by contributing to the well-being of local communities, the Bank shall be elongating the expected life of individuals through improved access to quality health services.

Our contribution to the educational development of communities at all levels has been pursued with vigour.  The goal of developing a generation of educated populace and supporting their growth for the overall benefit of the society accounts for a significant fraction of our total CSR spend. Our commitment in this regard aligns with our core value of continuous learning which makes us a learning organization. This effort is geared towards empowering children and youths thereby contributing to the growth of the educational sector.

The Cultural & Civic Projects sector is made up of security, accounting for over 90% of our commitment in this sector. The projects embarked upon shows our unrelenting commitment to ensuring that businesses are conducted in a safe environment which aligns with government efforts at combating insecurity in the country.

The details of gifts and donations given during the period are listed below. No donation was made to any political party.

  • Support Local and Global Efforts on Diseases Scourge 1: World Cancer Day Commemoration; Breast Cancer Awareness & Free Breast Cancer Screening / Testing
  • Support for Mobile Cancer Centres: A 5km Marathon Corporate Challenge to raise awareness on the early prevention of cancer and raise funds for purchase of Mobile Cancer
  • Facilities Upgrade: Renovation / Provision of Classroom Blocks in Empower School, Ososa    Ogun State, Provision of computers and workstation to the Phoebestar Royalty schools, Osogbo
  • Support Local and Global Efforts on Diseases Scourge 2: Breast Cancer Survivors' Conference; Free Breast Cancer Screening / Testing
  • Security: Donation / Contribution to LASG Security Trust Fund to help fight crime in Lagos Mega City
Employee Volunteerism Scheme

Employee Volunteerism Scheme is one of Polaris Bank's strong Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. The scheme was institutionalized in Polaris Bank with the objective of affecting community productivity on a small scale, which will in turn evolve into significant benefits for national development in the long run. In doing this, we believe the future is secured, based on sustainability which is key to our development and formation as an enduring institution.

We are focused on positively impacting communities through sound ethical business practices that support the building of a prosperous society while also contributing to a safe and viable environment. As a leading Commercial Bank in Nigeria, we are aware of our responsibilities towards enhancing the quality of life of the people in our community, protecting our environment and ensuring the growth of our business.

Polaris Bank strives to give all its employees the opportunity to achieve organizational, professional and personal goals in a respectful and inclusive workplace initiated and supported by leadership at all levels. Employees are not locked in a strait jacket of an "8am to 5pm" work environment. We know that they live within a community and as such encourage them to take up initiatives that help resolve the challenges in the society. We believe that by giving a helping hand to society, they become more fulfilled and committed to helping the Bank achieve its goals.

Under the auspices of the Employee Volunteerism Scheme (EVS), during one of the projects handled, the Bank's employees across Nigeria made voluntary cash donations to acquire relief materials such as food items, toiletries, blankets and other clothing accessories valued at almost N20 million for Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in Northern Nigeria. They also donated towards the provision of infrastructure/ school upgrades and learning materials for school libraries across the country's geo-political zones for another year's project.