Community Investments


Malaria and Other Serious Diseases

In the Bank’s bid to regularly create and develop new programmes & initiatives bordering on staff welfare, there is regular awareness in respect to serious diseases such as mental health, cancer, HIV, Lassa fever, Ebola etc.

Human Capital Management in conjunction with Health Management Organizations (HMOs) under the Bank’s retainership, holds an annual health week in November.  This fair affords members of staff the opportunity for health screening exercise and a one-on-one counsel with medical doctors on issues including an online chart consultation with qualified doctor’s as part of the Health Week activities.

HIV Testing, Confidentiality and Disclosure

As a dynamic and progressive organization, Polaris Bank Limited is committed to the support of programs and initiatives that promote awareness, prevention, non-discrimination and health support on HIV/AIDS particularly in the workplace. Polaris Bank Limited encourages routine, confidential, voluntary testing and counseling of her employees.

Opportunity for this is availed through our partnership with the Bank’s prescribed Health Management Organizations (HMOs). The Bank does not require employees, their dependents, job applicants or other third parties to undergo HIV testing as a pre-condition for employment or receipt of benefits.

Women Empowerment

Globally, especially in sub-Sahara Africa including Nigeria, women are often discriminated against, experience inequality and usually do not have same rights like their male counterparts. Also, despite their importance to the economies of their nations, they often find it hard to access funds.

These challenges have been attributed to several factors which combine together to deprive women of the capacity to fulfil their potential especially in the economic sector. Polaris Bank is conscious of the challenges faced by women; hence has placed a high importance to the development of women and women’s programs in our communities by developing an initiative called Pearl.


Pearl drive is a women targeted program designed to empower and enhance the latent potentials in women by expanding their financial expertise and access to finance. Consequently, the Bank has:

  • A dedicated online community of 6,433 women as at 31st December 2016;
  • Hosted 5,203 participants in a series of Webinar sessions (online capacity building workshops to learn about ‘tips to survive a challenging economy’;
  • Sponsored the inaugural meeting and annual convention for African Women Entrepreneurship (AWEP). Both events took place in Lagos and Abuja respectively and a total of 335 individuals participated;
  • Presented a 1-day Business Seminar for Women at the RCCG Lagos Province where 800 women benefited;
  • Signed the statement of support for UN Women Empowerment Principles to demonstrate our commitment for women empowerment and contribution towards the Sustainable Development Goals.