Starting your Business

Freedom, flexibility and the opportunity to follow your dreams are the rewards you get for working for yourself. However, there is also the flipside of the many challenges that you face. The good news? With some smart business planning, you can put the odds of success in your favour. Let the business team at Polaris Bank help you.

What is the best way to start your business?
  • Purchasing an existing business
  • Start a business from the ground up
  • Purchase a franchise business
How do I get a duly registered name for my business?

Having the right name for your business is very important because it ensures that your customers know how to find you and it gives them an insight into what products and/or services you offer.

Think about a few options for your business name and contact us to assist you with the process of registering the business name.

How do you set up yourself for success?
  • Write a business plan: Developing a plan will organise your thoughts and provide direction. If you require assistance, please contact any of the Business Development Support Providers (BDSPs) we have partnered with to help you.
  • Get Advice on managerial, financial and marketing skills: Attend any of our Polaris Business Seminar to get tips on how to improve your bottom line.
  • Separate your business and personal finances: When your business is still at the infancy stage, the easiest option is to operate your business from your personal banking account. Doing this makes it very challenging for you to identify which transactions are related to your business. Opening a separate business chequing account and getting business credit facility will help you ensure you don’t mix up your personal and business finances. See our Polaris Business Account Options.
  • Keep good books: Tracking your income, expenses, savings, receipts, bills and invoices gives your business a professional edge. Ask your account officer for a Polaris Business cash book today, to help you with your bookkeeping.
Why you need a Polaris Business Account(PBA)

Polaris Bank understands the challenges of setting up a small business in Nigeria. It however addresses this need by putting together a package for you which includes your business name registration, account types suitable for your kind of business, payment solutions tailored to meet your operational needs and other value offerings and best-in-class business advisory services.

Why not leave your details  and let one of our Small Business specialists call you?

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