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In commemoration of the 2019 World Cancer Day and demonstration of its unwavering commitment to the fight against breast cancer in Nigeria, Polaris Bank has encouraged Nigerians to adhere to quality eating habit and healthy lifestyle to avoid contracting cancer.

According to Cancer Research UK, “Eating a healthy, balanced diet can help you keep a healthy body weight. Keeping a healthy weight is important, because obesity is the second biggest preventable cause of cancer after smoking.
“Diet can also directly affect cancer risk. Some foods, such as processed and red meat and salt-preserved foods, can increase the risk of developing cancer.

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Stories About Women

.... bury their hurts and move on

Women have always been strong. Strong in a rugged, bear-all-and-trudge-on way that typifies the identities of longsuffering, enduring and resilient. We got used to them silently moving past those things that broke and branded them with hurts and pain. They often could not, or would not, turn around those circumstances because everything else contrived against their story. Instead of refuge and respite when they tried to fight back, society responded to their stories with them shaming and retribution. In the end, they learnt to rally their inner wills, bury their hurts and move on; broken but making the best of what pieces they could salvage.

Then came the social media, and our women trying to break the chains of just being in the shadows, being invisible and not taking a stand empowered by Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram have become even stronger with voices that have grown from painful grunts to murmured questions to assertive demands for answers.

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