Security Center

Our Security information has been updated to give our customers real time updates on how best to keep their transactions safe and secure.

We have successfully outlined easy steps that will guide you to stay safe while you make your transactions online. Carefully follow the links below and discover ways you can abolish online treats from your daily business transactions.

ATM and Credit Protection

When we issue cards at Polaris Bank, we are careful to explain to our customers the various ways to protect their accounts from being targets of fraudsters. Find below some tips to keep in mind when handling your cards from Polaris bank.

  • Always keep your pin and card separate.
  • Be sure that nobody is looking over your shoulder when you enter your PIN. Even if you aren't aware of anyone watching you, it is still a good idea to shield the keys of the ATM with your other hand when you enter your PIN
  • Introducing Verified by Visa. This is an introduction in association with Visa international. This additional security detail protects your card against unauthorized use when shopping online. Once the Polaris Visa card is activated, Verified by Visa protects the cardholder at every part Verified by Visa accepting online store, while the issuing bank will verify the cardholder's password at the point of completing purchases, because the bank's Visa cards have a personal identification number, no one else will be able to use it. All users would of course need to register their Visa cards for authenticity so that each time you make an online purchase at a participating merchant's website, a Verified by Visa authentication page will appear to verify the identity of the cardholder against the details supplied at registration. Learn even more...
  • If you suspect that your pin may have been compromised, change it using any one of our ATMs or contact your nearest branch
  • Contact the E-business desk using any of the following contact center numbers: +234 1 2705850, +234 1 7407540-1. Lines are open 24 hours a day.
Online Banking Protection

At Polaris bank we have spared nothing to ensure that banking online with us is safe and secure. One of such ways is the implementation of the HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Security) you would recognize this when you log into any website at the URL address bar the "s" at the end of it is an abbreviation for SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

HTTPS is not a separate protocol, but refers to the combination of a normal HTTP interaction over a coded connection. This ensures reasonable protection from hackers or unauthorized intruders. In addition to this, the provision of your personal identification number is to provide a unique access that is known to only you.

Please note that Polaris Bank will NEVER request for your personal details or account information via SMS, e-mail, or any link.

Please find additional information and safety tips below;

  • Do not open email attachments from unknown sources.
  • Do not click on a link to access internet banking. Rather type on your URL to access our internet banking platform.
  • Use up to date anti-virus to scan your system regularly.
  • Always log out from your Internet banking session when you have finished and close the browser.
  • Do not leave your computer unattended or idle for long periods of time.
  • Never click the 'save my password/details' option sometimes offered.
  • Be careful when using cyber-cafes and public wireless hotspots.

Your e-mail or Internet Banking user ID, password, account transaction details, ATM Card number, PIN and other personal information are confidential and should NEVER be disclosed to anyone.

If you receive a suspicious looking e-mail or you are unsure of the authenticity of an e-mail from Polaris Bank Limited, please forward the e-mail to or contact our YES Center on 0700-75932265, +234 806 988 0000, +234 1 4482100 and +234 1 2705850 for proper confirmation and verification.

For more information and advice, please contact our YES Center.

Customer Alert

You may be receiving some emails that appear as though they emanated from Polaris Bank.

They may contain the names of some of our management staff or even our Directors. Some of them may require you to send in information on your Bank details, Pin codes and even your personal information as contained in our database of you. They might also claim to have access to large sums of ($)US dollars for you domiciled with us, these are scam mails and you should be very careful to avoid being a victim to fraudsters.

At Polaris Bank, we are concerned about these trends by fraudsters and hackers and their attempt to infiltrate customers™ details or accounts with us. As part of our confidentiality and security clause, as well as our commitment to online security, we want to ensure that our customers have the privilege of their financial security while on our website and as such have developed some security tips for all our customers to recognize when they receive emails or letters from potential fraudsters.

Read the tips below to ensure you are receiving a genuine  Polaris Bank communication.

  • Polaris Bank would never ask you to disclose your account number or Pin code on the internet
  • Polaris Bank would never ask you to disclose personal information on the internet.
  • Polaris Bank site would always carry a security certificate which would be visible on access to our site.

The official  Polaris Bank web address remains Be sure that the site you are on is a genuine Polaris Bank site.

If you are still in doubt, please get in touch with your nearest branch or call us on +234 1 4482100, +234 1 2705850, +234 806 988 0000

Blow a whistle

As a financial institution, we are committed to our corporate governance in the conduct of our corporate social responsibility.

As such, we ask that reports of unethical or unprofessional behavior on the part of any of our staff should be sent to: or to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Anti Corruption Unit via

ATM User Guide

ATMs are automated teller machines that dispense cash with the use of a cash card and personal identification number. They are an alternative means of accessing cash and are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Polaris bank currently manages over 420 ATMs across the country. Find below tips on how to secure yourself when using the ATM and how to use the ATM if you have never used one before.

Tips when using an ATM

  • Treat your Debit card in the same way you treat cash. Keep it with you at all times and never leave it unattended. Always protect your PAN and CVV from others.
  • Do not choose an obvious PIN e.g. Birth date, wedding anniversary, phone number and home address.
  • Do not share your PIN with anyone.
  • Do not give out your PIN in response to e-mail or telephone requests. It might be a fraudulent request.
  • Shield your PIN when using it at the ATM.
  • Do not write your PIN down on the card, a diary or notebook.
  • If you suspect any fraudulent activity, change your PIN and notify the bank immediately.

In the event that your debit card is lost or stolen, please visit the nearest branch or call the Yes Center on +234 806 988 0000, +234 1 4482100 to request for a card hotlist and prevent it from being misused.