Our People, Values and Culture

Our People Management Philosophy

At Polaris Bank, we strive to give all our employees equal opportunity to achieve organizational, professional and personal goals in a respectful and inclusive workplace, mobilized and supported by leadership at all levels.

We value our integrity; mutual respect is our watch word; there is free accessibility within staff members and continuous learning by staff members is essential. Our service oriented culture as well as our innovative contributions to the growth of many areas of the country's economy most especially Maritime, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Construction and Telecommunications cannot be over-emphasized.

Values and Culture

We are a customer-centric bank that focuses on creating values that are fit for purpose and use. Through a nurtured, seasoned and dedicated team, our mission is to work at achieving our vision by living our values which are the underlying ingredients of our success.

Our Brand Driver: A Bold New Beginning

Our Vision: To be a leading and first class commercial bank

Our Mission: To distinguish itself in the banking industry through excellent service quality steeped in the use of information & communication technology (ICT).

Our Core Values
  • Service Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Continuous Learning
  • Partnership
  • Trust

Our core values create an enabling environment for our staff and customers, alike, to achieve success in personal and business growth and excellence. To ourselves and customers, we are accessible, have mutual respect, integrity and use continuous learning as a key advantage to providing innovative edge for unmatched value creation in the industry.

Compensation and Incentives

Polaris Bank, as an employer of choice, has positioned itself to continue to offer competitively attractive compensation package and also provide incentives that foster work-life improvement of its human capital. Our reward system remains a motivational and retention edge to our people.